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Advantages of Becoming a Super Patch Company Independent Associate

For an initial annual fee of $50 (£50 in UK) ($25/£25 @ renewal), buy Super Patch products and enjoy an automatic minimum 25% discount.

  • A Welcome Kit is emailed to you that includes marketing literature.
  • Buy as much or as little as you need while an Associate.
  • If desired, earn Extra Income & Commissions by sponsoring other Associates and Medical Practitioners and/or by reselling Super Patch Company Products.
  • You are not required to sell anything or refer anyone to get the discounts.
  • Included with your membership is your own personal replicated Super Patch eCommerce web store where customers from Canada, the USA and the United Kingdom can buy on-line from you. The company ships the product from the warehouse and you automatically get paid a commission from that the following week.
  • Customers who buy from your personal web store are linked to you and you get paid commissions on their future purchases (made on-line or even if they call the the VoxxLife Customer Service department to place their order over the phone).
  • Take advantage of periodic "Associate Only" promotions.
  • Weekly Associate-Only webinars to provide on-going training and support on how to build a successful business and your product knowledge.
  • While a member, access your own personalized on-line "Back-Office" system that automatically tracks all the important things to run your business including your sales, your product orders, customer orders, customers, Associates on your team, commissions, notifications about new Associates that joined your team and alerts when customers place orders on your site, training & promotional materials, recorded weekly calls and so much more.
Becoming A VoxxLife Associate - How To Register On-Line

As an Associate, you have the choice to build a business for yourself and earn extra income and commissions by sponsoring other Associates / Medical Practitioners and/or reselling Super Patch Company products (but you don't have to if you just want to enjoy the discounts).

Join The Super Patch Company as an Independent Associate using the steps below. How to place an order follows that.

  • IMPORTANT: You can also call the The Super Patch Company Customer Service Department and join over the phone with them (M-F 8:30am to 5pm EST) @ 1-844-550-8699. You can also call this number with any questions or issues you have with your orders or your account.
    • Important: When you call to join, please tell them that I am your sponsor and give them my Associate ID # 111118459 (Gary Leduc).

How To Join On-Line:

  1. Go to my Super Patch Company replicated web store site – Click this link -> https://TryTheSocks.SuperPatch.com
  2. Make sure that you see my name in the top right corner of the screen (this connects you to my organization).
  3. Once there, scroll down to the very bottom of the web page and click on "Become An Associate" to begin the online registration process. (If it asks for an Enroller ID, use my member ID: 111118459).
  4. Select your Country (US, Canada or United Kingdom) & for "Please choose your Rep type"choose "Associate", then "Continue >>". (Members & Associates register and login the same way)
  5.  Sponsor Information: You should be able to see my name & Sponsor ID # in this section of the screen:  Leduc, Gary (111118459).
  6. New Rep Information: Complete your name, email address and your birth date.
  7. Billing/Shipping Information: Enter your billing & shipping address information.  The “Ship To” Address country will determine the currency of your purchase. All billing and shipping addresses need to be within Canada, the US or the United Kingdom.
  8. Replicated Website URL> This is a required field (The Super Patch Company provides a free personalized replicated web store for each Associate to point customers to and earn income from).  For example, you can use your name without spaces (i.e. John Smith would have a value of “JohnSmith” in this field making your web store "JohnSmith.SuperPatch.com").
  9. Password:  Case sensitive. Minimum 8 characters long. Must contain at least 1 of each of the following: Uppercase letter, Lowercase Letter, number, special character (Example: Pas$w0rd1) . Enter a password and write it down.
  10.  Yearly Associate Membership Fee: An initial annual membership fee of $50 (£50 in UK) that includes a Welcome Kit that contains marketing materials. (Note: Annual Renewals are $25 (£25 in UK) and occur on your anniversary date of when you joined).
  11. Click “Continue” at the bottom of the screen
  12. Optionally choose any of the sample / business builder kits.
  13. Complete the sign-up by checking out, entering the payment info and processing the order. The Super Patch Company only accepts payments from Debit/Credit cards that have the Visa or MasterCard logo on them.
  14. Once your Membership sign-up transaction is complete and submitted, the Super Patch order system will send you an email with your Associate ID number and your password.
  15. Now that your Membership Transaction is complete, you can now follow the simple instructions below to place an order for the Super Patch products you want at discounted prices. Welcome to The Super Patch Company.

How To Place An Order As An Associate

  •  Open a new tab on your web browser, Go to www.SuperPatch.com
    1. Scroll to the very bottom & click on “Back Office”  (Tip: Bookmark the login page on your web browser)
    2. Enter your Associate ID or your Email Address in the “Username” field
    3. Enter your password (Case Sensitive).
    4. You are now logged into the Back Office – You are on the “Overview” tab.
      1. Bottom left corner of that screen are “Commonly Used Links
      2. Click on “Place An Order” – This will bring you to the shopping screen.
    5. Shop & Then click on the Shopping Cart Icon to view the contents of your Shopping Cart at any time – Make any adjustments, if needed.
    6. When ready, Click on the “Checkout” button.
    7. Verify/Edit your “Bill To” and “Ship To” Address Information. Click “Continue
    8. Verify your order and address information,
    9. Enter your payment information & Click on “Process Orderonce.
    10. Once the transaction is complete, the system should display an order number confirmation screen. You can now logout.
    11. Call Customer Service if you have any issues placing your order or need help of any kind:
      1. USA & Canada Toll Free: (844) 550-VOXX (8699), Ext 1- 8:30AM - 5:00PM EST, Monday - Friday
      2. United Kingdom 0330 - 880 - 8844, 1:30PM - 10:00PM UK Local Time, Monday - Friday
  • You can also call Customer Service to Place your order. Provide your Associate ID when you call.