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Voxx has harnessed the power of Neuro-Muscular Science and Neuro Activation and spent 6 years developing Voxx Human Performance Technology (HPT) that instantly improves the users strength, energy, stability, balance and range of motion that can provide an income opportunity for you while helping others.

No matter your age or lifestyle, Voxx is changing the way we live, play and enjoy our lives and is the future of wellness, sports and rehab.

When you join us, you will be representing products and technology being used by some the World’s leading brands, top professional sports leagues and elite military units!  Voxx HPT is also helping Senior Citizens live healthier lives.

You will have access to products that instantly help people live their life to their maximum potential.  You will able to help improve people’s quality of life, reach personal performance and wellness goals.  More so, you will be able to do so without any dietary or lifestyle changes!


VoxxLife products deliver benefits and results other products have not even dreamed of, let alone developed! 

Our VOXX HPT technology helps our products to do things that other products cannot do. Through a quick demonstration and a simple discussion, you can present products that help to provide performance improvements and health and wellness benefits INSTANTLY!! 

It is that simple.

To make sure you have the confidence in Voxx HPT, we have the research and data to back up the claims and demonstration!!

VoxxLife, a Canadian company based in Mississauga Ontario, has experienced tremendous growth since its inception and is proud to offer you an income opportunity that offers:

  • Break-Through Voxx Socks And Insoles with HPT Technology That Are Unique In The Market, Proprietary And Patented in 185 Countries.
  • Very Reasonable Retail Price Points ($30-50)
  • Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Risk Free For Your Customers To Try The Products Out.
  • Business Opportunity – $40.00 & NO Monthly Purchase Requirements.
  • A Very Simple But Generous Compensation Plan.
  • A Canadian Company That Opened Its Doors In June 2016 – Products Are Still Very New To The Market.
  • Products Are Not Sold In Stores – Only Through VoxxLife Independent Associates Or VoxxLife Practitioner Program Members.


We looked at all the direct selling and multi-level compensation plans out there and we wanted to have the best plan EVER!  So we made sure our compensation plan has all of the things people love and we got rid of all the things everyone hates!  Oh by the way.. you can explain our plan in under 30 seconds.. flat!  You don’t need a statistics PHD to understand our plan!  When people see the demonstration you will make the sale of the product and almost always the next question is “How can I work with you and this product?”

You will find that your Voxx TEAM will grow faster and quicker and deeper than anything you have ever experienced or heard of!

Voxx Compensation Plan Image


RESPONSIBLE – New Associates are initially encouraged to purchase no more than a Bronze Builder Pack in their first order. We want all of our associates to enjoy the feeling of selling out of product and getting the achievement of setting a goal and blowing it away in the VoxxLife business. Unlike many Network Marketing business, we share in the responsibility for your success with our products. Your success is our success and we don’t want to force products on you to make it happen. We can deliver on this promise by having truly groundbreaking products and technology that people want to use and sell.

ETHICAL – Our compensation plan is free of gimmicks or tricks. The goal of VoxxLife is to bring wellness and performance to the world. We are determined to make our plan free of onerous obligations or burdens on our Associates. It is important that all of our Associates understand exactly how the compensation plan works and we have made it simple , transparent and easy to follow. Our products bring incredible benefits to our consumers, and are not another “me too” product. Finally, we want our customers to be treated in a fair and ethical way, and for that reason we offer a 30-day money back guarantee to make sure we only have satisfied customers.

ACHIEVABLE – We are determined to have our Associates enjoy success with VoxxLife. We have purposely established easily achievable targets when you begin to represent our products. With Voxx Socks and Insoles you are selling established products and not looking to break ground with new items that require consumer acceptance. Everybody already uses these products! You will be representing products that can instantly demonstrate true wellness and performance benefits for the consumer. We have set up our business opportunity to be an easily manageable home business without the need for large inventory to begin. We have tested and piloted this business and know that simply demonstrating our product will motivate customers to immediately purchase our products. We know that we have the best mens socks, the best ladies socks and the best insoles in our markets and you can use and sell our products with that confidence.

LIMITLESS – We chose to make our compensation plan a uni-level structure with 8 levels of down line associates and unlimited width at each level.


There are 7 different leadership ranks which you can earn commissions and bonuses up to 8 levels down. As an Associate you will always get a 25%-50% commission on personal sales. When you sign up Associates or Members directly under you, you will earn a 20% commission on all their personal sales, these are level 1 commissions. When you become a Qualified Associate you will then earn a 2% commission (2.5% for Founding Associates) on all your 2nd level sales. Your 2nd level are people signed up by your first level.

As your leadership rank increases so does the number of levels you can earn commissions on. When you reach Managing Director which is the 5th leadership rank you will earn a 25%-50% commission on all your personal sales. You will also earn a 20% commission on all 1st level sales, and a 2.5% commission on all 2nd to 8th level sales, as well as a 10% Leader Bonus. The commissions remain the same for the final 2 leadership ranks but your bonus increases 5% each level.

As an Associate you also have the ability to sign up designated medical practitioners but you would only receive a 15% commission on their personal sales. The list of designated Practitioners you can sign is can be found on our Voxx Practitioner Program Page. If you would like more information about the compensation plan or have any questions you can contact me.



The VoxxLife Membership registration process is the same whether you want to become a VoxxLife Independent Associate or a VoxxLife Member.


Option 1) Become a VoxxLife Member: For an annual fee of $40, you can simply join as a VoxxLife Member and purchase your own products with an automatic 25% discount.  You can buy as much or as little as you need while a member and you are not required to sell anything or refer anyone to get the discount.  For additional savings, VoxxLife offers additional volume purchase incentives by giving free “bonus” products of your choice  (max $45 retail value per free item) based upon the total amount of product ordered each time at the discounted price:


  • If you purchase $200 worth of products at the discounted prices – receive 1 free product of your choice – Bronze Bonus
  • If you purchase $400 worth of products at the discounted prices – receive 4 free products of your choice – Silver Bonus
  • If you purchase $600 worth of products at the discounted prices – receive 9 free products of your choice – Gold Bonus


Option 2) Become a VoxxLife Independent Associate: You can join VoxxLife as an Independent Associates and pay a $40 annual fee and that entitles you to the same discounts and volume purchase incentives that VoxxLife Members receive in Option 1) above. The difference between a VoxxLife Member and a VoxxLife Independent Associate is that Associates are simply individuals who have decided to personally sell the Voxx HPT technology products directly themselves or through customer purchases made on their free VoxxLife replicated web site included with their annual membership.  Associates can optionally introduce and sponsor others into the opportunity as well for additional income. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Option 3) Participate in the VoxxLife “Practitioner Program”:  If you are one of the designated medical professionals within the program you are eligible to join as a VoxxLife Practitioner for an annual $40 fee.  This enables you to always purchase the products at a 50% discount (100% ROI) regardless of the amount you buy, but you are not eligible for the free bonus products offered under the volume purchase incentives mentioned above. Practitioners have the option to sponsor other Members, Associates and Practitioners if they choose. Learn more on our “Voxx Practitioner Program” page.  Please contact me if you wish to join under this program as the registration process is different than for Associates and Members. If you only want to offer Voxx Socks & Insoles to your patients and have no intention of referring others into VoxxLife then the annual fee is waived.  The 30 back money-back guarantee extends to you and your patients making it Risk Free for everyone.


Everyone gets assigned a unique 9-digit Associate/Member ID # when they join.  If you sponsor someone, your Associate ID # becomes the Sponsor ID # for them to use when they register and that links them to your team.  This is how VoxxLife rewards their growing team of VoxxLife Associates for spreading the word of their superior products to “People of all ages and walks of life who are focused on wellness and athletic performance.”


If you want to become an VoxxLife Associate / Member, simply do the following:


  1. Click the “Join Now” button below – it will take you to my VoxxLife replicated web site (www.VoxxLife.com/TryTheSocks).
  2. Then select the “Associate Registration” link in the top left corner of that screen – this will initiate the registration process.
  3. Passwords need to be at least 8 characters long, contain at least one Capital letter, one number and one special character (#, !, $, %, &) (ie. Pas$word1)
  4. Be sure to write down your password that you created and keep it somewhere safe should you need it.
  5. Select the country you are from and your language preference from the drop-down lists, then hit continue.
  6. My name & Sponsor ID # should appear in the “Sponsor Information” section: Leduc, Gary (111118459).
  7. Every new associate or member must register with a sponsor number so VoxxLife knows who sponsored them.
  8. Complete the on-line registration page.  Associates must enter their 9-digit SIN/SSN #. Members (not reselling/sponsoring anyone) can enter 9 random numbers.
  9. Pay your annual membership fee.
  10. Once you have registered you will be assigned a VoxxLife Associate/Member ID number. Write it down. You can use your new 9 digit VoxxLife ID number or the Email address in your VoxxLife profile as your User ID when logging into the VoxxLife Back Office going forward.
  11. Associates: Review the “Only Available At Sign-up Launch Kit” that offers a pre-set selection of products valued at $400 retail for $200 to kick start your business.
  12. The annual fee (and optional “Sign-up Launch Kit” transaction) need to be purchased before you can then place orders for additional product.  Depending on your order size, review the “Business Builder Kits” at the bottom of this page for volume purchase incentives that provide additional savings/profit for you. Based on the amount you purchase, the system will automatically prompt you to choose the relevant number of free products once you go to check-out.


We are here to support you in any way so please reach out to us at any time with any questions you may have.


Why I Joined VoxxLife:


I decided to join VoxxLife because I wanted to do something that made a difference.  It is such a rewarding experience to see first-hand, the quality of life improvements that these products can bring to people. Simply talking and sharing the technology with others is easy when you realize that by doing so, you may have an huge impact on their lives or the lives of someone they care about.  How often do you get an opportunity to do that in life?  If you haven’t already, check out the “Testimonials” page on this site for a sampling of the feedback we’ve gotten from customers. In addition, VoxxLife has a VoxxLife Testimonials Facebook group with over 37,000 members that grows daily with customers providing feedback on how the Voxx Socks and Insoles are changing their lives.  Contact me and I can add you to the group so you can check out what are customers are finding and the testimonials for yourself.


You will be joining an amazing team of network marketers. If you do not have much experience in network marketing, no worries as our team and others in the Voxx family of associates will always be available to help.  If you have interest in this opportunity and have any questions at all, please contact me. All the very best and thank you for your interest in VoxxLife HPT Stasis socks & insoles.


VoxxLife Income Opportunity Welcome Kit
VoxxLife Business Builder Kits Improve Your Profitability